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We do our best to offer all our guests the services and facilities to make their stay a memorable one.


Buggy Tours

Exploring the island is unforgetabble, but doing it in a buggy makes it even more fun. We can take your route, suggest one of our own, or simply set a day to go explore the island with you.

Please note this is not a service, just an informal possibility. We can also suggest professional companies for these services, as well as horseback riding activities.

Mention this if you are  interested!


Flowers of our island

The roads on the island of São Miguel in Azores, are true giant gardens.

From January to March you can enjoy the flowering Camélias.

From March to May the island paints itself red and pink with the flowering azáleas.

From June to August the Hortênsias color the island blue and white, also in August and September the yellow and red Conteira flower, contrasting with the hillside green, where no one can ignore its perfume fragrances.

In September and October you’ll see the pink flower of belas donas and so many other different flowers and seasons along the year.

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