The island of São Miguel, of all the islands in the Azores, is without a doubt the island that offers you the most options of natural and interesting places to visit.

Below we leave a list that we consider to be quite complete and that will certainly fill your holidays in the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, in an unforgettable way.

São Miguel - Azores

Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park

ideal for walks in nature, with waterfalls, picnic areas, water mills and stunning views.


This small parish located in the municipality of the village is famous for its hot springs and traditional cuisine, the famous “Cozido das Furnas”, which is cooked underground in the volcanic soil, and also for the yeast cakes.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades Lagoon, São Miguel Island - Azores

One of the most emblematic tourist spots on the island. Associated with a legend, this lagoon, by reflecting the green nature that surrounds it on one side and the sky on the other, becomes unique for assuming both colors.

Viewpoint of Ponta do Sossego

This viewpoint, located in the municipality of Nordeste, offers panoramic views of the south coast of the island and takes many visitors to get up early to watch the sunrise.

Islet of Vila Franca do Campo

This islet arose from a volcanic eruption, it is a small piece of island with a natural pool in its circular interior, this islet can only be visited in the summer months, through the port of Vila Franca do Campo.

Terra Nostra Park

Parque Terra Nostra
Parque Terra Nostra

This park offers a natural pool of thermal waters, landscaped gardens and exotic species, this park is an excellent option to spend the day with family or couple for a romantic getaway.

Lagoa das Empadadas

located in Serra Devassa, in Sete Cidades, this lagoon used to supply the public fountains of Ponta Delgada.

Viewpoint of Grota do Inferno

This viewpoint offers a wonderful view of the seven cities. A “mandatory” view at an altitude of over 1000 meters.

Lagoa de Santiago

Close to the main lagoon of Sete Cidades, this lagoon is difficult to access because it has a large and dense forest around it, but it can be seen from the viewpoint.

Lagoa do Fogo

It is considered the second largest lagoon on the island of São Miguel, it is another must-see on the island.

Salto do Cabrito Waterfall

In order to reach this waterfall you will have to take a small trail, when you arrive you can choose to have the view from below or go up a staircase that will take you to a viewpoint where you will have a breathtaking view.

Miradouro de Santa Iria

This viewpoint offers a breathtaking view of the north coast of the island.

Grená Park

Parque da Grená
Parque da Grená

After being abandoned for many years, this place has been converted into one of the best landscapes on the island of São Miguel. When visiting this place, you will find an abandoned hotel that was abandoned by the former owners and a wide variety of plants that will make your contact with nature wonderful, being able to walk several trails inside the park.

Viewpoint of Pico do Carvão

This viewpoint provides a wonderful panoramic view of the entire north and south of the island.

Lagoa do Canário

This tourist attraction is part of the Parque Florestal da Mata do Canário, with endemic flora typical of Macaronesia and one of the most fascinating landscapes on the island.

Ponta do Escalfado viewpoint

from this viewpoint you can see the sea and the entire west coast of the island, in this same viewpoint you will also find a small house that was formerly used as a lookout post.

Tea from Porto Formoso

When visiting the tea factory you will see a short film that tells the history of tea and soon after you will have a guided tour of the facilities and at the end of the visit you will be able to drink tea in typical São Miguel cuisine.

Gorreana Tea

Chá Gorreana
Chá Gorreana

When visiting the tea factory, you can tour the tea plantations or take a guided tour of the factory facilities, at the end of the visit you can taste the various teas produced at the factory for free. The factory also has a small terrace with a bar where you can buy and taste the various products manufactured on site.

Viewpoint of Vista da Baleia

It is a viewpoint with large green areas great for a picnic, you will also find several haystacks and barbecue grills. At the top of this viewpoint there is a small circular stone house that was formerly used to watch whales and a small chapel in honor of Nossa Senhora.

Viewpoint of Vista dos Barcos

It is a small viewpoint with a garden where you can take the opportunity to rest in one of the haystacks. This viewpoint was formerly used to watch over enemy vessels.

Poça da Dona Beija

Poça Dona Beija
Poça Dona Beija

The pond has several pools/tanks in which each one has a plate with indications about the depth, temperature and name of the pool. A great option for those cold and stressful days. Before visiting the pool, you should read all the necessary information on the Poça da Dona Beja website.

Castelo Branco

It is a route of difficult access, where we advise you to leave your car in a nearby car park and go on foot. Upon arriving at the castle, you will be faced with a wonderful view of the entire island of São Miguel. Castelo Branco is just a small bell tower on a mountain, where it was formerly used as a lookout post to control the entry of enemies.

Lagoa das Furnas

It is a large green lagoon with a vast area of ​​forest around it where you can enjoy a picnic and have access to the volcanic phenomena that surround it, namely the fumaroles.

Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias

This chapel was built by José de Carlos for his late wife. It faces the Lagoa das Furnas, which in its current position is wonderful to enjoy with a wonderful view.

Furnas Monitoring and Research Center

In this center you will have a guided tour of all the facilities, where you will get to know better the history of the evolution of volcanoes and how the lagoons of the entire island of São Miguel are protected and preserved.

Cascata da Ribeira Quente

It is a source of drinking water that turns into a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Furnas Forest Park

It is a large green space, with various species of trees and animals. You will also be able to see some ponds with rainbow trout, each pond has a certain growth phase, then these trout are removed and sent to the lakes and streams throughout the island of São Miguel.

Wheat Museum

When visiting this museum you will learn about the history of the municipality of Povoação, discover some ancient artifacts used in wheat harvesting and a hydraulic mill that was used to crush the grains.

Viewpoint of Lomba do Cavaleiro

It is a small viewpoint, which on clear days gives you a beautiful view of the Sete Lombas in the municipality of Povoação.

Água Retorta viewpoint

From this small and simple viewpoint you can see the entire parish of Água Retorta and even on clear days the island of Santa Maria.

Miradouro do Pisão

It is a small viewpoint with a picnic area and a magnificent view of the entire south coast of the island.

Lagoa do Congro

It is considered one of the most beautiful lagoons on the island, to be able to observe it closely you will need to walk a trail. But the end of the descent will pay off.

Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Paz

From this viewpoint you can see the entire parish of Vila Franca do Campo as well as the islet. You can also visit the hermitage located near the viewpoint.

Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha
Caldeira Velha

Waterfall of iron hot water where you can bathe, located on the slopes of the Serra de Água de Pau.

Chã da Macela Recreational Forest Reserve

Forest area with endemic species for nature lovers is perfect, it features barbecue grills throughout the forest area and some animals such as deer and other species.

Cerâmica Vieira

Company that creates ceramics in the region that hosts visits for curious people.

Pinhal da Paz

It is a large park with several places for lunch and barbecue, large green gardens where you can have a picnic and have fun with your family and in contact with different plants and trees.

Gruta do Carvão

When visiting the Gruta do Carvão you will find four areas of different sizes, where you can find various minerals that are fixed in the rocks.

Jardim António Borges

It is a garden that contains several plants and trees from different continents, you will also find some stone caves and lakes with ducklings.

José do Canto Garden

When visiting the garden you will see a wide variety of typical plants from around the world, which were brought by José do Canto himself. You will also find a statue in honor of José do Canto, his own house and a small hermitage.

Azores Volcanological and Geothermal Observatory

It is a science center that shows how volcanoes are formed.

Ilhéu dos Mosteiros

There are four small rocks near the beach, but by the locals they are considered the remains of a small island that was devoured by the water, leaving only those four pieces.

Ponte dos Sete Arcos

It is a bridge with seven arches made of stone, which gives access to the center of the Municipality of Nordeste, which connects to all local businesses.

Poço Azul

In order to reach this well you will have to take a trail, when you reach the end you will come across a well of crystal clear water that will make you recover the lost strength on the way.

Tronqueira Viewpoint

When visiting this viewpoint you will come across a wonderful view of the mountains where on clear days you can see Pico da Vara and Serra da Tronqueira.

Endémico do Pelado Park

It is a small park with a breathtaking view of the ocean, where you can also take the opportunity to rest in the haystacks, in Lomba da Fazenda.

Priolo Environmental Center

It is a center that helps to preserve the habitat of the priolo, an endangered species. When visiting this same center you will get to know a little more about the priolo and other birds in the region.

Cancela do Cinzeiro Recreation Forest Reserve

The Cancela do Cinzeiro Recreation Forest Reserve, formerly known as the Pedreira forest park, is located in the western part of the Tronqueira mountain range.


If you have children this is the ideal place for you. Expolab is a science center that teaches biology, physics and chemistry in a fun way.

Jardim da Ribeira do Guilherme

Small garden with waterfall. You will also find a medieval house with period objects next to it has a water mill.


Ferraria is a unique tourist attraction known for its natural hot water pools, where volcanic thermal waters blend with the Atlantic Ocean. During low tide, visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim. Additionally, the area features a thermal resort called Termas da Ferraria, which offers spa treatments and massages. The surrounding landscape with its rocky cliffs is truly stunning. Ferraria is a tranquil and rejuvenating retreat, popular among both locals and tourists seeking relaxation.

Viewpoint of Vista do Rei

This viewpoint offers a breathtaking view of Lagoa das Sete Cidades, in addition to being a great option to watch the sunset.

There are certainly more more or less secret places on the island of São Miguel that you can access through the recommendations of the locals. This will always be the best way to discover the island, also discovering who lives there, its culture and customs.

If you feel like visiting the island, take a look at the accommodation offer that we can provide you on the island of São Miguel.

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