The Azores are a group of nine volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, offering a wide range of activities for tourists to enjoy. From taking advantage of the unique conditions provided by volcanic activity on the island to exceptional opportunities for water sports and activities, as well as enjoying the landscapes and natural beauty of the coast and mountains. There are plenty of great suggestions for you to enjoy unforgettable moments on the “Green Island,” as São Miguel is known in the Azores. 

Hiking Trails 

Hiking trails across the island are a great option for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. São Miguel presents a great diversity of trails, some at higher altitudes exploring the beauty of mountain formations and adjacent craters to the famous lagoons, others along the coast with incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean. However, be cautious, as some trails can be more demanding. For certain trails and depending on your age and physical condition, it may be appropriate to hire a guide to ensure safety during the hikes and make the most of the stunning nature of the islands. 

Whale Watching and Dolphin Spotting 

The Azores are home to an incredible wealth of marine life, including various species of whales and dolphins. Embark on an exciting boat trip to observe these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Witness their spectacular jumps, listen to their mesmerizing sounds, and marvel at the beauty of these marine mammals, creating unforgettable memories.

Hot Springs 

The Azores are famous for their natural hot springs, where visitors can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating moments. Visit the Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas, an oasis of tranquility with therapeutic thermal pools and lush botanical gardens. Or immerse yourself in the warm waters of Poça da Dona Beija in Caldeira Velha, while admiring the exotic beauty of waterfalls and the surrounding landscapes.

Furnas Parish 

Visit the charming Furnas parish and immerse yourself in the local culture. Delight in a traditional Cozido das Furnas, a typical dish cooked in the volcanic heat of the earth. Explore beautiful gardens and parks, filled with lush vegetation and natural hot springs. Immerse yourself in the picturesque atmosphere of this charming parish and experience the authentic flavors of the Azores.

Ponta Delgada 

Explore Ponta Delgada, the main city of São Miguel, and be enchanted by its historic architecture and unique charm. Stroll through the cobbled streets, discover ancient churches, charming squares, and historic buildings. Visit museums such as the Carlos Machado Museum and delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage. Enjoy exquisite restaurants, charming shops, and its vibrant nightlife, making your visit to Ponta Delgada truly memorable.


Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the stunning lagoons of Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo. Marvel at the serene beauty of these volcanic origin lakes, surrounded by lush landscapes and imposing mountains. Appreciate the perfect harmony between the blue waters and the lush green forests that surround them. These breathtaking natural scenarios provide an atmosphere of tranquility and admiration. 


The Azores are known for their beautiful lakes and sea, offering an excellent opportunity for canoeing. Explore stunning landscapes while paddling on calm waters and marvel at the nature around you. 


Canyoning in the Azores is a fun and challenging activity. With excellent conditions offered by the Atlantic Ocean, you can explore ravines and gorges, descending waterfalls and jumping into natural pools. Venture into this thrilling experience that combines adrenaline and direct contact with nature. 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in the Azores is an exciting way to enjoy the stunning landscapes. Challenge yourself to climb rock walls and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. With proper safety measures and guidance. 


Golf is a fun sport to play with friends while enjoying the stunning landscapes of the Azores. Practice your swings on well-maintained courses with breathtaking mountain views. Enjoy the tranquility and challenge that golf offers in this unique setting. 


Explore the underwater wonders of the Azores through diving. Discover the diverse marine species that inhabit the Azorean waters. Dive into stunning beauty spots and create lasting memories as you explore this incredible underwater world. 

Swimming with Dolphins

Have fun swimming with dolphins in the open ocean. The Azores are known for being a habitat for several dolphin species, and you’ll have the opportunity to share unforgettable moments with these graceful beings. 


Visit the Azores and explore the rich diversity of birds. Marvel at the opportunity to observe various bird species up close and learn about their habitats and behaviors. This activity will provide a unique experience for nature lovers. 


Have fun with friends in exciting paintball matches. Hide in strategic fields and work as a team to eliminate “enemies” while enjoying moments of pure fun and competition. 


Fly over the landscapes of the Azores and marvel at breathtaking views through paragliding. Venture into this thrilling activity and enjoy the feeling of freedom as you soar over the Azorean locations. 

Horseback Riding 

The mountains and stunning landscapes of the Azores provide a unique experience for horseback riding. Ride through dirt and gravel roads and be enchanted by the natural beauty around you. Enjoy a special connection with horses and nature in this picturesque setting. 

Boat Tours

Enjoy boat tours along the coasts of the Azorean islands to observe marine life and appreciate panoramic views of the islands themselves. These tours offer a relaxing experience and an opportunity to connect with marine nature. 

Bike Tours

The Azores are a paradise for nature lovers and a great option for exploring by bike. Discover the natural beauty of the islands on guided or independent bike tours and marvel at the stunning landscapes these islands have to offer. 

Buggy Tours

Venture through the nature of the Azores on magnificent buggy tours, exploring unique off-road paths. Feel the adrenaline as you navigate exciting paths and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views during this off-road adventure. 

Van Tours

Take a van tour of the island, visiting various tourist spots while a guide shares stories and information about each location. Learn more about the island while enjoying a comfortable and informative ride.

Jeep Tours

Explore the nature of the Azores on an exciting jeep tour. Discover fun new locations off the beaten path while exploring the Azorean landscapes.

Quad Bike Tours

Explore unique paths and locations of the island on an off-road adventure with quad bikes. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes as you navigate thrilling terrains and experience the freedom of exploring the Azorean nature. 

Guided Tours

Enjoy guided visits to various tourist spots on the island, accompanied by an experienced guide who will share stories and knowledge about each location. Have the opportunity to get to know the island, its culture, and its history while exploring points of interest.

Sport Fishing

Enjoy relaxing and peaceful moments while fishing in waters rich in marine life. 

Stand up Paddle (SUP) 

Stand up paddleboarding can be practiced in various locations on the island, from lagoons to the ocean, departing from the various marinas or beaches on the island, as long as you ensure that the location allows this activity. Glide over calm waters and enjoy a unique perspective of the Azorean landscapes. 


Take advantage of the waves of the Atlantic and have fun with friends practicing surfing. The Azores offer excellent conditions for this sport, allowing you to enjoy thrilling moments in Azorean waters. 

These are just some of the many activities available on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. Each one offers a unique and enriching experience, allowing visitors to explore the diversity and natural beauty of this stunning island. Make the most of your time in the Azores by interacting with the locals and immersing yourself in the treasures of this charming destination. If you are looking for an accommodation in São Miguel, check our options.